Blazing-fast Validation

A built in multi-threading engine speeds up verification making the validation process 3× faster.

Real-time Analysis

View real-time analytics of different verification results during and after the validation process.

100% Accurate

An optimized and advanced 3-level verification check ensures validated emails are irrefutably valid.

Customizable Settings

Manage advanced settings such as regulating speed, customizing proxy, DNS and many others.

Unlimited Lists

Import and verify as many emails as possible in batches or as one complete list without limitations.


Save, export and share verified lists using Excel or Plain Text formats via Web, email, DropBox and more.

3-Step Verification

  • Syntax Verification - checks if the email address conforms to a subset of rules defined by the RFC 5322 standard.
  • Domain Verification - checks if MX records for domain from the email address exist.
  • Mailbox Verification - checks if the email address exists in the email servers specified in the MX records obtained.

Real-time Charting

  • Charts are updated in real-time during verification and once verification is complete.
  • You can filter/exclude email addresses by simply clicking inside the charts or the scores.

Import Wizard

  • Import unlimited emails with added options for validating syntax, removing duplicates and appending to list.
  • Import emails from various file formats including Plain text, Comma Separated Values, and Excel spreadsheets.

Additional Columns

  • Status Info - displays a summary or partial details of the verification results.
  • Problem Info - displays the complete description of the problem after failed verification checks.

Advanced Settings

  • Parallel Processing - adjust the speed used in the verification process.
  • Proxy - manage these settings to verify email addresses through a socks proxy server.
  • SMTP - set custom SMTP parameters used in the Mailbox Verification check.
  • Mailbox Rules - specify a list of domain names to be skipped during the Mailbox Verification check.

Free for personal and commercial use, try it today.

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